Uncommon Courtesy
There was a time when people would make sure those around them had no objections to the radio being turned on. You see, some music is like cigarette smoke to others who don't smoke. It harms their health and makes life a torment. Now, more people have been made aware that those who smoke do not have the right to compel all those around them to partake of their cigarette smoke. This same principal goes for music. It's common for people who haven't developed a taste for harsh and lyrically vile music to be forced to work with such music playing all workday, every workday. Many bosses have a taste for that kind of music, so they won’t make requirements providing for a reasonable work environment for all workers. The problem has reached intolerable levels of abuse that need to be approached, as such, now. logo.gif

Time For Social Reform
As society changes, we need to raise an alert for social reforms necessary for the good of all. The introduction of "canned" music over the airwaves has brought about the time of need. We are calling for men and women to rise up and call for treating others with a love and respect that should be found in all civilized countries of the world. We have forgotten that! Too many are living to please only themselves, to the scorn of their neighbor's basic human rights. The right to their own mind and beliefs without being able to compel their neighbor to listen to their choices. Since those who cleave to their "musical addictions" won't just respect others, we need to start putting the pressure on our society. If we don't, many will be forced to continue working with blaring obscene music with no recourse. Their only choice will be to endure it or be on the unemployment line.