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As a youth, I endeavored to memorize scripture using Navigator - style memory cards. They were of benefit, but I came across a serious personal snag. I found that if I didnít go over the memorized verses frequently, I forgot them! Eventually I gave up, and just read and studied the scripture. Through this method, I can do pretty well at approximate quotations, and with slight difficulty, quickly find the desired passage. I came to the decision that I still needed a handful of really important verses strictly memorized. I decided I would gather the needed batch, and learn them. I would just constantly review them. After getting through my list, I felt I could handle reviewing it once a week to keep them all lodged in my noggin. In reviewing the list, I find I can go through it in about 25 minutes. Initially committing this to memory takes longer, but the review time is quite small.

The benefits memorization provides are well worth the small review time invested. Even though they are memorized, the reviewing recalls them to memory to give encouragement and direction to keep on the right track. When you need to help someone, you have the help immediately at hand. By committing scripture to memory, you are able to stand strong in battle and to defend the faith when necessary. In short, you are prepared for the battle.If we should enter into hard times where we cannot read Godís Word, such as Chinese Christians have fallen into, such memorization will have paid off far beyond our expectation. In that day you will be really glad you did it. I realize that not everyone will want to learn a huge volume of references, so I made packets up in two sets.

I made a single packet for those who want to take on a smaller challenge. If you can learn this packet, you will be well prepared for a more victorious Christian life. The single packet is basically a compilation of more key references from the first two packets of the five packet series. After the list is learned, which can be easily done over a 9-month period, a half- hour, once a week review time, can keep you well prepared for many situations Christians face.Some of the references may be hard to understand. You can use some study aids to help dig out the meaning. Concordances and word study books, such as Vineís Dictionary, help here. Look up the references and read the surrounding verses to understand in context. Be careful not to assume anything. Look at the passage, what exactly does it say? When you can answer that question, you are prepared to use the verses properly. If you donít understand it, it wonít do you much good. Keep prayerfully at it. If your heart is open, the light will dawn. These packets are all designed to work with two 8 1/2 x 11 sheets, double sided. I have saved them as PDFs so people with Adobe Acrobat reader can just open them up and print them out. These make easy to use, handy sheets you can carry around. Draw a line beside each one as you learn it, and in no time, they will all have lines beside them. I laminated mine and they hold up well and can be carried anywhere and worked on during spare moments.

God speed!

11 Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee. Psalms 119:11

Single Memory Packet
Memory Packet #1
Memory Packet #2
Memory Packet #3
Memory Packet #4
Memory Packet #5

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