Who Are Gog And Magog?

There's a poetic picture in the names of Gog and Magog. In Hebrew, you can make words into special nouns by the addition of an "M", essentially, to the beginning. So, for the word Gog, having a prince as the reference, you could conclude that adding the prefix of the "M" to it, you come up with Magog. We end up with "the people of Gog". If that is the case with these two words, you can see why they are named together in their rebellion against God.

I looked at Ezekiel 38:2 "Son of man, set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him," KJV. (Some other versions apparently add another name. I looked at my Hebrew Massoretic text, which is the base of the KJV and it reads as above. I trust the Massoretic text as the most reliable.)

I found a Satanic trinity in 38:2.
In Revelation you find a Satanic imitation of the Trinity through the dragon, the beast and the false prophet, imitating the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, respectively. Here in 38:2 I checked into the meaning of the names of Gog, Meshech and Tubal.

Gog, means "roof or mountain" and is of uncertain origin. That is picturesque of the top, as the Father is the top of the trinity. Mountains were always the places men went to get closer to God, because of their height, (closer to heaven reasoning). The high places you find mentioned throughout the Old Testament show this. Idolatry is always associated with the high places. The worship of idols is the worship of Satan. Moving on, we find Meshech and Tubal are of a foreign derivation. Indicating the foundation didn't come from the language of God's chosen people.

Meshech means "drawing out". Moses means, "drawn out" (Exodus 2:10) and Moses is a type of Christ for he prophesied of Christ's coming as a man like unto himself (Deuteronomy 18:15). Hence Meshech is an imitation of the Son under Gog, the imitation of the Father.

Tubal means "thou shalt be brought" or "flowing from". The idea seems to be that which comes out from. The Holy Spirit is He who was sent out from the Son, after Jesus ascended to heaven. The one sent and flowing forth upon man. Him with whom we are baptized with. He is the one doing God's work. Christ dwells in us through the Holy Spirit. He was sent of Christ at Pentecost to glorify the Son and the Father. Hence Tubal is the Satanic counterfeit of the Holy Spirit. In 38:2 you have the Satanic trinity and the people of Satan all joined as one. The very opposite of God's side in the end times when Christ will return and set up His Kingdom under the Father will all the saints of God.

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