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On-Line Sermons
  1. A Christian Portrait
  2. A Newborn Babe
  3. A Picture Of Godly Government
  4. Acceptable Prayer Warfare
  5. Amazing Grace - The Original Version
  6. Are Your Possessions Worthy of Christ?
  7. Atheists - All Ungodly
  8. Basement Christians
  9. Birth Control - Is It A Moral Option?
  10. Blindness and Victory
  11. Blood Usage
  12. Bow Before The Son Of God
  13. Brainwashed!
  14. Bring Forth Fruits Meet For Repentance
  15. Calling to Repentance - a Bit at a Time?
  16. Cause Thy Face To Shine!
  17. Christians - Are You One?
  18. Cleanliness
  19. Cleaning House - A Play
  20. Consecration Prayer Of The Servant
  21. Contentment
  22. Corinthian Spat - A Play
  23. Coveteousness
  24. Cursing And Swearing
  25. Dealing With Sin
  26. Discontentment
  27. Divorce, Remarriage, and Options
  28. Dwell In Unity
  29. Do You Want To Become A Christian?
  30. Elijah - A Type of the Father
  31. Entertainment - According to God's Word
  32. Eternal Security of the Believer
  33. Exorcism
  34. Extol Him by His Name Yah!
  35. Fanatic For Jesus!
  36. Fear of the Lord
  37. Fear of the Lord Defined
  38. Fear? - NOT!
  39. Feminism vs. A Biblical World View New!
  40. For The Love Of Money
  41. Fret Not Because Of Evil Doers
  42. Gasps Of The Broken Soul
  43. Gambling
  44. Generic Christianity
  45. Gideon - Mighty Warrior
  46. God's Enemies
  47. Giving The Perfect Testimony
  48. God's Faithful And Afflicted Servant
  49. God's House Left Desolate
  50. God's National Grace
  51. Gospel Basics Series
  52. Halloween
  53. Health Care Issues
  54. Hearing, But Not Listening
  55. Heaven Bound
  56. Holding To The Word - Legalism?
  57. Honor The Father
  58. How Do We Compare To Lot?
  59. How Long Until God's Vengeance?
  60. How To Approach God Acceptably
  61. How To Walk In A Clean Path
  62. Humor
  63. Hurt and Offended
  64. Husbands, Love Your Wives!
  65. Hypocrites
  66. Hypothermia
  67. I Beg of You! (A Gospel Message)
  68. Interpretation
  69. Israel: The Proper Attitude?
  70. Itching Ears
  71. Last Day's References
  72. Let Your Women Keep Silence in the Churches New!
  73. Liberalism Concerning Women
  74. Little Sins
  75. Logomachy
  76. Love - A Christian Perspective
  77. Lover Of My Soul
  78. Majority Can't Be Wrong, Can It?
  79. Marriage
  80. Martial Arts
  81. Memory Verses
  82. More In A Name Than Meets The Eye
  83. Murmuring, Grumbling, Complaining
  84. Peace
  85. Peace and Obedience
  86. Praying Without Ceasing
  87. Pride
  88. Rapture
  89. Reincarnation
  90. Resurrection Celebration
  91. Revelation, Not Discovery
  92. Revival
  93. Righteous Judge Returns!
  94. Saying Grace - Not A Minor Point
  95. Seek Him With The Whole Heart!
  96. Sin of Denominationalism
  97. Sin of Nabal
  98. Song of Solomon
  99. Sorry!
  100. Splendor Of Christ
  101. The Almost Christian
  102. The Coming Storm - Psalm 50
  103. The Devil's Famous Attack
  104. The Heart Of A Pupil
  105. The Lord's Day
  106. The Path Of The Overcomer
  107. To Be Seen Of Men
  108. Trustworthy Biblical Foundations
  109. Twelve Step Programs
  110. Ugliness - Unrighteous Judgement
  111. Ungodly Fellowship
  112. Vengeance!
  113. Vile Beasts Who Spit In The Face Of A Benevolent God
  114. The Vote
  115. Wake Up Call Trio
  116. Wake Up For God!
  117. What Constitutes A Legitimate Marriage?
  118. What God Requires Of You
  119. Which World Do We Represent?
  120. Who God Is
  121. Wisdom
  122. Women
  123. Word Of Faith Movement and John 10:10
  124. Worship In Holiness
  125. Worship, What Might God Be Thinking

Mini Sermons
Answers to some Minor Questions
Sometimes we have Biblical questions that seem unimportant to a lot of people, so we never get them answered. Hopefully, the "Mini Articles" below will answer some of those questions. If you have a question which isn't answered here or in the main library, just click here to submit your question, and we'll send you an e-mail in reply.

Additional Items

Christian Growth Questions - A Group Study Guide

"The Kite"
A poem and poster.

Psalms Wall Charts
These charts will help you study the Psalms and understand their importance.

"Psalms Chart Booklet"
A companion to the wall charts.

Psalms Sermon List

"Don't Blame The Politicians!"
This is a printable tract in Business card form.

"You're Judging Us!"
This is a printable tract in Business card form.

"Considerations Applying To Dress"
This is a printable tract in postcard form.

"Cowboy Poem"
A poem and poster.

The Axe Head
A poem and poster.

God Bless America?
A word picture.

God's House Left Desolate
A word picture.

Americans Against Offensive Music in the Workplace

"Locoweed Lesson"
A lesson and poster

You can make a difference!
Click Here
to listen to this remarkable account of how God worked through the life of one faithful man.

"Saved from the Sinner's Prayer"

"Sprouting for Health and Hope"How and why to grow sprouts at home!

Truth - A word picture

Mennonite Messages

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Feel free to download and print these books, they are in pdf format.

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Audio Books - On line

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