“Biblical Church Government”

“We gather on ‘body grounds’ & walking in righteousness.” What does this mean? Why does it matter? The answers to such questions are covered in this book. Having a healthy church takes more than increasing activity, it takes restructuring. Though this may sound unrelated, it lies at the core. The reasons for this are covered through a look at the predominant “Pastor/Congregation” system, and why it’s prone to failure. What “system” does work? What “church government” biblically looks like? What are the responsibilities and places of men and women? How should “Youth Groups” be managed? What should the “Church Service” look like? Answers to these questions and more are covered in the hopes of raising up a people to a higher calling . . . . . . . . a manifestation of the Body of Christ on earth! The text is read by Darrell Farkas
Copyright 2004  

Chapter 1 - Flesh Profits Nothing
Chapter 2 - Protestant Pastoral System: False Foundations
Chapter 3 - Protestant Pastoral System: Hazards
Chapter 4 - Discipleship
Chapter 5 - Elders
Chapter 6 - Restrictions of Authority
Chapter 7 - Deacons
Chapter 8 - Men
Chapter 9 - Women
Chapter 10 - Youth
Chapter 11 - Church Services/Ministry Outreach
Chapter 12 - The Change

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